Product Quality Guaranteed

As Our Mission statement “Provide Only the Best Products to the Customer”, our main objective is providing best quality products to our customers, we test each and every batch to ensure quality of the products

Why do you need to select us

We manufacture wide range of organic chemicals, which are using in the paint industry and we can customize the products according to your requirements…

On Time Service

We are using galvanized barrels, metal drums, plastic drums, IBC, flexibag etc... to export our products. As the most reputable freight companies working with us, we can guarantee that freight services; and we are monitoring until ship the consignment


About Us 

 Xilan Chemicals Co., Ltd combines the power of manufacturing and trading passionately to innovate what is essential to chemical and production industry. Xilan Chemical’s based in beautiful Colombo, diversified industry-leading chemical portfolio of specialty organic chemicals, agrochemicals, apichemicals, food additives, Herbal extracts and their Intermediate products delivers a broad range of chemical-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 41 countries.

As we look ahead at how we as a company contribute to a competitive future, one thing is clear: We will continue to develop, with new technologies, to take advantage of new opportunities and to succeed.

You can find detailed information about our chemical products and solutions by contacting our friendly staff. You can search by product name or CAS No of the chemical compound.