Acetone Suppliers Manufacturers in China ​CAS No 67-64-1

Acetone ​Manufacturers CAS No 67-64-1

Acetone-67-64-1-suppliers-manufacturers -in-china

We are exporting Acetone since 2002 to over 25 countries including Africa, Netherlands, German, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Acetone is widely used in rubber industry, pharmaceutical industry and paint industry.

Port: China (Shanghai,Qingdao)
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, western Union 



Basic Information
Product Name Acetone
Formula C3H6O
Synonyms 2-propanone; Dimethyl Ketone;Dimethylformaldehyde; Pyroacetic Acid
CAS No 67-64-1
Chemical & Physical Properties
Appearance Colorless Liquid
  State  liquid
Purity  (%) 99.5%
Solubility Soluble in general organic solvent, slightly soluble in water, extremely easy polymerization
Moisture ≤0.30
Boiling Point 56.2°C
Acetone widely used in rubber industry as raw materials for methyl methacrylate, acetone cyanohydrin, bisphenol-A, rubber antioxidants etc.  Acetone is also widely used pharmaceutical industry to produce vitamins, antibiotics and hormone drugs. In addition, it is used in light industries and military uses as an excellent solvent.
Packing & Storage
Package  160kg/ drum ,AKeep away from heat. Keep away from sources of ignition. Ground all equipment containing material. Do not ingest. Do not breathe gas/fumes/ vapor/spray.
MSDS available and can download via this link Download
Acetone Suppliers Manufacturers in China ​CAS No 67-64-1


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