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Hydrochloric Acid Manufacturers suppliers in China CAS No 7647-01-0

Hydrochloric Acid Manufacturers CAS No 7647-01-0

Hydrochloric acid Manufactures Suppliers in China

We are manufacturing and exporting Hydrochloric Acid for 5 years under several brand names one on of them are Xilan Chem. Specially to African continent, Middle East, Europe, Latin america, and Asian countries. Hydrochloric Acid  is widely used in Chemical industry and energy industry.

Minimum Order : 1 Container (FCL) (Full Container)
Port: China (Qingdao)
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, western Union


Basic Information
Product NameHydrochloric acid
SynonymsHydrochloric Acid; Muriatic Acid
CAS No7647-01-0
EINECS No231-595-7
Chemical & Physical Properties
AppearanceColorless Liquid
Purity (%)30-35%
GradeIndustrial Grade
Ignition residue  /%0.08